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Skilled Nursing Services

Skilled Nursing Services

RN, LVNs highly trained professionals ; Our staff follows federal and state rules, guidelines ; We share a combined wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure the best care is provided for our clients and their loved ones. This includes but not limited to: head to toe assessments, vital sign assessments, glucose assessments, disease process teaching and the management of symptoms at home to prevent hospitalizations, medication teaching, administration, nutritional education, pain management, patient’s safety at place of residence to name a few.

Our nursing staff specializes on IV, IA infusion, enteral, parenteral nutrition, Orthopedic procedures, CHF, COPD, DMII, Pneumonia. The skilled nurse is trained to identify the need for other agency-based services and community resources to better care for our clients in their place of residence and make the referrals needed at time of assessment. We strive on the prevention of acute physical, mental decline by being proactive with our patient’s current health status and coordinating the care of our client physician (s) as well as our interdisciplinary services (PT/OT/ST/HHA/MSW/Provider Services). Being our client’s advocate is of essence to our agency.

All individualized plans of care or treatment are in coordination with your physician (s).

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