TLC company offers services in these departments:

Home Healthcare

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At TLC our mission is to keep you out of the hospital. Our goal is for our clients to enjoy life at the comfort of their own home where our staff will assist  in managing the client’s healthcare

Skilled Nursing Services
We share a combined wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure the best care is provided for our clients and their loved ones. Click to read more...
Therapy and Rehabilitation
TLC provides Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy. Click to read more...
Home Health Aide
To maintain and promote client’s independence with their personal care and, or assist with patient’s activities of daily living. Click to read more...
Medical Social Worker
Our medical social worker will assist on other community resources as well as counseling for social, emotional and environmental issues relating to our clients needs, health problems. Click to read more...

Feel better at home

with a little TLC

TLC Home Healthcare Assists our client’s to continue their medical treatment at home, learning about their disease process and management of symptoms in order to make an educated decision about their health to help prevent hospitalizations, as well as promoting self-awareness and independence with managing their care at place of residence. Our home healthcare professionals are dedicated to meeting our clients psychosocial needs and coordinate the care with assistance of community resources and/or caregivers involved with our client’s needs at home.

Who qualifies for Home Health Care?

Adults with acute health care needs that require medical care at home.

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